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Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism

The Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism (CKPIS) was founded at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula in 2012. Its founding members are Igor Duda, Lada Duraković, Boris Koroman and Andrea Matošević, who teach at different University faculties and as reasearchers cover socialist and post-socialist topics from the different perspectives of their respective research fields: history, ethnology, anthropology, cultural studies, literary studies and musicology.

The Centre has been organizing various activities for several years, which have been recognized in Croatia and abroad: research projects and international cooperation, publishing within CeKaPISarnica which consists of a series of monographs and edited volumes, the biennial conference Socialism on the Bench with a hundred participants, the summer Doctoral Workshop with PhD students and established lecturers, a network of associates and channels for disseminating information, as well as the programme of public lectures, round tables and book presentations. These activities made the University of Pula an unavoidable point for the researchers of Yugoslav socialism and related topics. More on activities...

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